iQoptics mobile reading glasses

These reading glasses are Patented and innovative mobile devices accessory iQoptics mobile readers system was created and designed with minimal foot print to attach beautifully and seamlessly to anything but most importantly to mobile devices that are always with us. iQoptics are uber lightbulky-less and you don't have to carry or remember while out and about, traveling, exercising or just incase! 


All-Day Assistant

Just what you need. Right when you need it.

How to use.

1. Peel off the back of the case and stick it on the back of your phone. 2. Put your index finger on the center of the case and push the glasses out of the case.  3. Put them on middle of nose . 


*Very pleased. Neatest idea ever. I can now read my texts on my phone clearly. Five stars

*Great ideaLove the fit and quality of the product. Five stars.

*Superb. I saw someone who had them at a PTA meeting and I got me a pair. They definitely changed my life its truly a great invention. Five stars